Soul Blueprint Readings

A Soul BluePrint Reading combines the modality of Soul Realignment and a unique system of Numerology.  This gives you the tools in understanding your talents and gifts, in both this and from past life times. It is the duality of both the physical and the spiritual, think Professional Job versus Spiritual Path, and bringing the two together.

For those wishing to understand their Spiritual Gifts, the Akashic Records provide insight into your Soul Group and main Energy Centre which assists in recognising your natural talents such as healing, empath, clairvoyance, yoga teacher, counsellor, psychic, medium etc.

Your energy centre of training governs your soul drive and what you bring to others in this lifetime. If you are trained in the energy centre corresponding to the heart chakra, you are likely to have a drive to heal others. It also looks into your alignments with divine abundance, truth, love and light.

However, we also live in a physical world and many of us have regular careers which again are part of our life purpose, along with learning and personal development.  Many souls including myself find they thrive in both areas, the spiritual and the practical.

Soul Purpose is all encompassing and its important to remember its all of us, from how we earn a living to our hobbies and interests. For example I am a natural medium, yet I also love creating websites, online marketing and have a corporate career. Its whatever sets your soul on fire.  I have friends who combine Psychology with Singing, Interior Design with Reiki Healing, Mediumship with Sign Making, Professional Boxing with Astrology.

Due to this I have combined what I feel are the most enlightening aspects of your Akashic Records, with the skills you were born with in this life time through the numerology of Soul Plan. This offers insights into which careers are most suited to you, and may uncover any blocks which may be preventing you from following your true path.

I would highly recommend before booking a reading to read about the Akashic Records (link below) and of course any questions or clarifications, just drop me an email.


Akashic Records


To complete your Soul Blueprint Reading, reading please send your full name of at birth, date of birth, city/country and any questions you have to assist you with your soul purpose. You will be emailed your reading (usually around 20 pages), we then meet up via Skype or online for further discussion.

Current Special Fee: 99 euros


Client Praise: My Soul Blueprint with Leigh offered insight I had searched for so long, it helped me to understand my life lessons, my relationships and has brought deep healing into many areas of my life. Its a once in a lifetime investment and worth everything.


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